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We are well and septic testing specialists geared for real estate transactions. Our expertise and high level of efficiency provide piece of mind.

We specialize solely in well and septic testing for Real Estate Transactions. Because of such a narrow service line, we have an expertise and high level of efficiency matched by few to none.

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  • All the water from the house, whether it’s from the sink, shower, toilet, or other water source, flows into the septic tank. The job of the tank is to trap the solids and let the cleaner water pass through to the drainage area.

  • A Well Yield Test is a timed-test to determine how many gallons per minute a well system can produce. 

A Well Yield Test will show any problems and save you money.

  • Just about any mineral or impurity can be tested for in the water. However the most common sample group is called the Potability Water Sample, also sometimes referred to as “Chemical and Bacteria Testing.”

  • If bacteria does show itself in the sample, then the well needs to be chlorinated or “shocked”. Home Land Septic Consulting chlorinates wells to better service its clients.

  • Home Land Septic Consulting is now offering 2 camera inspections!  Camera Septic Inspections  Camera Sewer Line Inspections Upgrade your septic inspection to a Camera Septic Inspection. This is the most comprehensive septic inspection available! Plan for 2-3 hours. We will perform a standard septic inspection with the addition of using… Read more »